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Decorate your wedding venues in London with these easy and beautiful ideas
  • September 7th, 2020
  • Unitel Direct

Decorate your wedding venues in London with these easy and beautiful ideas

Every couple wants to include something extra special in their wedding venues in London. One may choose a historic wedding venue and the other may like to opt for a venue decorated with flowers. There are several decoration ideas to transform your wedding venue into an extremely beautiful spot and that too within your budget.

No matter what kind of decoration you are looking for, The Wedding Register will bring you across many wedding planners operating in the city of London. You will find an array of wedding services that satisfies your needs. Starting from decorating the venue to giving you an opportunity for wedding car hiring in London, the directory provides a list of top-quality service providers in the city.

Here, we will discuss about a few wedding venue decoration ideas that will give a beautiful impact at a pocket-friendly price. There is so much you can do, expect and achieve if these ideas are implemented properly.

  • Introduce giant letters

It is a lovely idea to light up letters in the venue. This is one of the best ways to make your London wedding venue unique. You can get wooden or acrylic letters to light up, dedicating love messages to your beloved.

  • Sweet tables

Britons love to enjoy sweet dishes. Thus, tables full of sweets, cake pops, macarons, cupcakes, fruit skewers, and more would be the best to offer favourite desserts to your guests.

  • Flower display

Flowers in a wedding venue is simply awesome! Give some floral display to your venue. Have a look at various designs available online and get the perfect design for your place. Flowers are the stunning centrepieces for embellishing a table. Why not pair these with candles and lightning too? Great, right? Let’s try!!!

  • Balloons

Decorating any place with balloons brings life to it. You can incorporate balloons anywhere you like! From the counter pieces to the table to, balloons can adorn every corner of a wedding venue in the best possible way. Decorate as you like!

  • Decorate the ceilings

You have no idea what a little fabric can do! Keep the whole thing simple and formal with white fabric or you can opt for bright colours like yellow. Decorate the tables with light and you will get an overall simple yet alluring look at the wedding venue.

  • Brighten up the venue with lighting

Lighting is an inexpensive mode of decorating your reception venue. Candles are cheaper than flowers and they create pretty highlights for the place. You can install retro lamps to optimise the look in a delightful way.

  • Get a floral wedding arch

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, why not opt for a floral wedding arch? This will give a picturesque scene that will act as an attractive background for your awesome selfies. Stand under the flower arch and get a memorable wedding photo with all your loved ones.

  • Special photo booth

This concept is becoming popular with every passing day. A special photo booth is a place where one can capture a stylish photo to cherish for life. There are variety of booth ideas to consider! Have a look at all of them and choose the perfect one.

  • Customise wine labels

Customise wine labels for your wedding. All you need for this is a printer, glue, and the design that you want. Add your favourite bottle of wine to set up the ambience of the place.

  • Create a wedding flower wall

Why not do something creative with the flowers? Choose for a wedding flower wall, the perfect backdrop for photos. Bright and colourful walls are trending as they embellish the overall venue.

  • Fairy light trees

Hire LED cherry trees to decorate the entire hall of the wedding venue. If it is in the wintertime, these lightened trees create an awesome atmosphere outside to guide the people even if it’s too dark around. You can hire smaller lightened cherry trees as the centrepieces on each table.

  • Set up the flags

For wedding parties, install giant flags to add some unique flavour to your venue. You can get various handmade glittery ones or vibrant flags from the wedding service providers. The event flag will look incredible at your space.

Decorating wedding venues in London is an important plan of action. The best way to get your dream decorations done is to hire a wedding planner. Wedding is the happiest event in a couple’s life. A wedding planner is someone who will help to plan, organise, and manage the overall reception party. Hiring a reliable wedding planner will mean peace to your mind for you.

The Wedding Register enrolls all the renowned wedding services all across the UK. If you are planning to get in touch with a wedding planner, then browse through all the options available on our directory site. We enlist all those wedding planners who have successfully planned and organised many wedding ceremonies, and have also designed and decorated various wedding venues in London, providing an amazing feel and vibe to the clients.