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FAQs – The Wedding Register

Why should you choose ‘The Wedding Register’?

  • We list only verified services
  • We carefully optimise the sites
  • We enrol only quality sites
  • We provide the most reliable services in the industry

What makes the wedding register one of the leading directory sites for wedding services? 

Our experts list only original websites in the UK. They review all the shops that are included in the directory to verify whether they offer genuine wedding services. It is only after this is taken into consideration that we register a website to our site with its individual page link or URL. 

What information should I provide to get listed in the directory?

  • Business card
  • Valid contact number
  • Website URL
  • Address proof
  • Senior contact person details
  • Email address

Who reads the information?

A web directory is quite popular among residents all over the UK. People are very fond of searching for services they need on the online version of the famous ‘yellow book’. If someone is looking for wedding venues in the UK, they will get details of all the names listed in our directory. Visitors go through your website regularly.

What is the purpose of this web directory?

The main objective of a web directory is to reach customers for businesses that are registered with them. These businesses can get a huge boost in website traffic through thousands of consumers or businesses that look for services on a directory website. 

What is the need for updating your listing?

The customers visit various websites linked by businesses through our directory. This tremendously helps in increasing online visibility for company websites. However, outdated email id or an inaccurate contact number is of no use and it will leave a negative impact on that business listing.

Are daily updates of business information required?

Daily update of business information will help to keep a comprehensive track of all your leads. If a customer calls and gets a number that is not valid – this ultimately results in the loss of a strong lead, a setback no business owner would want to face.