Choosing Right For Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Dresses

If marriages are made in heaven, it is quite befitting for the event to be absolutely spectacular. No matter how busy a life you lead or how laden you are with work, this is indeed a special moment and hence months go into detailed planning for the ‘big’ day. Although during weddings, the bride and the groom gets all the attention, we should not ignore the role of the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids bring so much to a wedding. They are the bride’s trusted inner circle; they offer support with the wedding planning, add to the fun on the hen night and provide assistance to the bride on the big day itself. As epitomes of high fashion, bridesmaids across the globe are known to add that extra touch of beauty to the wedding photos and glamour to the event.

Choosing the right dresses for the bridesmaids is a meticulous process. Be it a traditional wedding or a simple ceremony at the marriage registrar office, or even a more funky themed wedding, a bridesmaid’s dress has to fit the occasion. Below are some handy tips while choosing the dress for your bridesmaids:

• Always bear in mind that your bridesmaids will have their own distinctive styles, personalities and tastes. The concept of ‘one size fits all’ is definitely not applicable here. On the contrary, what you need to consider most is comfort. The last thing you want is your bridesmaids ‘caught in the wrong fashion’.

• No matter who is paying for the dress, buy the one which they can wear again. Of course, if it is a theme-based wedding which requires funky outfits, then it is a separate matter altogether. But if your wedding is a traditional one, it is always advisable to opt for separates rather than those one-piece gowns or frocks. After all, your bridesmaids might never wear the bodice, but might adorn the grey silk skirt later (or vice-versa).

• While some prefer to go with the traditional ‘uniform’ dresses for their bridesmaids, new age fashion experts will always advise you to go for varied styles and coloured themes. This generally proves to be a good decision since not many brides are lucky enough to have her bridesmaids with the same skin tone, hair colour or body shapes.

At the Wedding Register, we help you make those perfect choices to bring a smile to your bridesmaid’s face. Type in your requirement and get professional assistance to select the right bridesmaid dresses. After all, it is a special day in your life and you want it to be picture perfect to cherish those moments forever.

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