Ultimate Guide To Shop For The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid Dresses

Before saying a final ‘Yes to the Dress’, relentless search for days and immense research for hours is what every bride goes through. Some even go to the extent of fixing an appointment with a new-age fashion expert for advice on that one dress which will make them look like a million-dollar bride. Closing on that long cherished dress can definitely relieve you of stress and you may want to heave a sigh of relief, but wait- aren’t you missing out on something? Yes, it’s the bridesmaid dress! You need to make sure that the right dress is selected for them so that it complements the theme and colour scheme of the entire wedding. With the perfect cuts and colour, your gown will look beautiful while your wedding party will be feeling comfortable and confident throughout. To help you start the shopping, here are some of the essential tips you should consider-

Know the budget

It is never easy to be discussing the price of the dress with your friends but if you are not fully paying for it then it is essential that you do discuss. There are brides who go as far as paying the entire price for the dresses of the bridesmaid and though it isn’t mandatory, the gesture will surely make them happy. If you aren’t doing that then make sure that you select the dresses that are in a certain price range that is affordable for the girls. Being a bridesmaid is quite pricey as the costs of dress, jewellery, make up and accessories add up real fast.

Pass the baton

Previously, it used to be the bride who went out and selected dresses for the bridesmaid. However, we suggest that you pass on the baton of selecting the dress to your friends. Your recommendation will always be invaluable for the final decision but letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress – will help you to at least check off one task from your never ending wedding checklist. You can always suggest – them about a certain colour or cut that you would want the dress to be of so that it strikes a chord with the entire theme of the wedding.

Make body conscious selections

You know that all your friends are not of the same body type, skin tone and hair colour and it is essential all of them look great on the special day, although still maintaining their unique style quotient. While an option is to ask them to select the dress which suits their body, it might not always be possible on your part to allow this. However, you can always opt for A-line gown for the bridesmaids. It essentially accentuates the waist and is loose around the hips and thigh which further makes it suitable for all body types.

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